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Using the ideal water temperature
and gentle air pressure brewing yields                              

Total immersion brewing results in uniform
extraction of the ultimate in full coffee
flavor. Other coffee makers drip hot water
on bed of grounds, over extracting at the
center and under extracting at the edge.

Micro filtered for grit free coffee – unlike
other press-type coffee makers.

One minute from start to enjoy. The actual
press time takes only 20 seconds.

Total immersion of the grounds in the water
results in rapid yet robust extraction of flavor.

Total immersion permits extraction at a
moderate temperature, resulting in a smoother brew.

Air pressure shortens filtering time to 20
seconds. This avoids the bitterness of long
processes such as drip brewing.

The air pressure also gently squeezes the last
goodness from the grounds, further enriching the flavor.

Because of the lower temperature and short 
brew time, the acid level of the brew is much   -      This is reason enough for me.   
lower than conventional brewers. Laboratory         Eating alkaline foods is better for you!
pH testing measured AEROPRESS brew’s 
acid as less than one fifth that of regular drip 
brew. The low acid is confirmed by coffee 
lovers who report that AEROPRESS brew is 
friendlier to their stomachs.

The AeroPress makes a really good cup of coffee. I have owned many different methods and this little unassuming piece is my go to. The flavor is deep and rich - I like my coffee bold, with AeroPress I can make it just like I like it and the ease of the press makes one one cup method perfect - I want another cup, I just go make one real quick. 

My biggest reason for loving this press, is the lower acidify coffee it makes. Healthier for you!

The AeroPress makes a great gift for nearly any one. Perfect for the coffee connoisseur, collage student who needs small-portable-personal potions, great man gift, or hostess gift, also great for those who are health conscious. 

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