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Bamboo is a wonderful thing. An amazing thing really. Moso bamboo grows two or more feet a day. That means a growth of 60 feet in two or three months! This rapid regeneration means bamboo is highly sustainable. 

Ever Bamboo has taken advantage of the porous properties of bamboo and created bamboo charcoal products that answer your call for natural deodorizers & dehumidifiers for your home and lifestyle.


The porous structure of bamboo charcoal provides countless tiny holes that effectively absorb odors, moisture, and polluted air particles such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene.

Use bamboo charcoal as a:

  • deodorizer in your fridge, freezer, bedroom and bathroom, gym bag, hockey equipment, footwear, kitchen, car, pet area, renovation area, garage, compost pail and diaper pail
  • decoration for home and vivarium
  • air filter to absorb toxic chemical substances for commercial and industrial applications

When submersed in water, bamboo charcoal softens the water, absorbs harmful minerals including chlorine and releases its natural minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium) into the water.

Use bamboo charcoal as a:

  • aquarium filter
  • water filter for bath water and non-drinking water for general household and industrial use
  • decoration for aquarium and floral arrangements


Bamboo Charcoal retains the high density and porous structure of its raw material moso bamboo. This structure enables bamboo charcoal to absorb excessive moisture effectively. When humidity is low, the retained moisture would be released back into the atmosphere.

Use bamboo charcoal as a:

  • dehumidifier in your drawers, cabinets, closets, rice bin, garage, basement, and other storage areas. Bamboo charcoal deters moths, prevents mold buildup, and keeps your linens and clothing fresh.
We got the chance to sample the oversized room deodorizer. We didn't have an odor issue per se. It was Summer time and running the central air leaves no room for fresh air. This help freshen the whole down stairs living area. I was surprised at how well it did and still does.

We also got to try the shoe inserts. I don't have this problem, but my partner Dominic does.  Especially when wearing slip ons like Toms or Sanuks. These solve the problem - period. I highly recommend the shoe inserts.

My personal fav - the Spa Pack, which removes chlorine and releases natural minerals into the bathwater. I toss it in when I start the bath water. By the time the kids, or myself get in, the water has been filtered and feels good to get into. This makes me happy.

With proper care, Ever Bamboo products will continue to perform for a year or more. Care requires an occasional rest in the sun, and who doesn't love that!

You can find Ever Bamboo online at http://www.everbamboo.ca
On Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/everbamboo

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