2012 Holiday Gift Guide @ Wishing Penny ~ Zylie Bear ~ #Rafflecopter GIVEAWAY!!! ~ Ends 11/27

Zylie is a sweet little bear. Actually she's a cross between a doll and a bear.  Kids love to play with Zylie, dressing her in different outfits, checking her passport, or curling up with their cuddly friend, reading all about her adventures world wide.

Zylie comes dressed to the nines in skinny jeans, a girlie top, wool pea coat, and cute messenger bag. But she doesn't stop there. You can purchase sweet little outfits like this one in linen:

Or these little pajamas for cozy bedtime fun!

Zylie also has a friend who likes to adventure with her. His name is Shen, but that is for a different post :)

Zylie is well loved in our house. I often find her wrapped in a blanket or sitting in the little shopping cart. 

She makes an absolutely wonderful gift. A gift that can continue to grow, with later gifts becoming outfits, or adding Shen to the family. 

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