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Magic Cabin is so appropriately named. 

You see, this toy shop is like a cabin nestled in the woods of plastic, gimmicky toys, that come out with each new child's movie launch and are on their way to landfill by next Christmas. 

This is a MAGIC cabin filled with wonderful, real toys. Toys that are child led and inspire spirit & imagination. Hands-on play is essential to children's health and well being. Play is the basis of learning & creativity. It promotes critical thinking, self-regulation, and problem solving by allowing children to explore, experiment, and to initiate rather than just reacting. Children play to express their fantasies and feelings, to gain a sense of what they're competent of, and to make meaning of the world around them. Magic Cabin is bursting with these kinds of wonderful toys.

The focus of my gift guide are real, practical, high quality gifts that are not a quick ride to landfill. I wanted to promote toys like Santa and his elves would make in their workshop and deliver Christmas morning. Magic Cabin believes in a child's need to interact with simple, real toys.

I could go on forever, but I'll show you instead.

Wash day!

Tree House!



Nativity for Kids :)


There are so many wonderful choices. I'm hoping that you'll consider doing some of your holiday shopping at Magic Cabin and help inspire your little ones imagination to grow!

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