Pets & Holidays: How do you celebrate?

This is Santos giving Juju a hug. She is loved as you can tell :)  They ended up laying on the couch together and falling asleep.

I am getting in the spirit and seeing those two so happy together, makes me think of just how important she has been in our lives. We also recently added a cat to our family and she has become well loved too - even the dog loves her!

I can't help but want to include them in our warm feelings and celebrations of the season. 

How do you include your pets in your holidays? Any tips or ideas? Great pet products for gift ideas?


Lolita said...

Does singing Jiggle Bells with the dogs count? 'Cause that is one thing we do during the holidays with our pets.

jamaise said...

Ha! Yes, it counts! Do they sing along? I know Santos would!

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