Jam Jar Wine ~ Moscato and Sweet Shiraz

Jam Jar was born out of the realization that there are not a lot of options available to consumers seeking quality sweet wine. The fresh, fruity Moscato and Sweet Shiraz aim to fill that void. Refreshing and approachable with a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, Jam Jar Wines are sweet perfection...Simple, pure and honest!

Aromatic and Flavor Profile of Moscato:
Moscato is known for its surprising perfume-like fragrance, light-body, semi-sparkling, spritzy character (frizzante), lower alcohol content (typically to the tune of the around 5-8% abv) and its dazzling fruit-forward palate profile with a welcoming sweet factor. The wine's color steers towards straw yellow with occasional tinges of gold. Moscato's inherentaromatics are simply stunning - orange blossom, honeysuckle, almonds, ginger and ultra expressive fruit dominated by green grapes, citrus tones and ripe peach nuances. On the palate, you can expect an impressive lineup of fresh, forward fruit with sugar levels ranging from semi-sweet to sweet and wrapped in medium acidity. From pear and apple, to orange and lime with consistent appearances in the ripe, juicy peach and apricot category, Moscato's flavors are extraordinarily fruit-filled. The delicate cascade of bubbles, light body and sweet surprise culminate to woo and win many unsuspecting palates to the wide world of wine.
While the Moscato sold at the lower price points typically exhibit a fruity focus with a decent dose of sweet in the mix, the higher quality Moscato steers quite clear of sugar-soaked fruit and brings a vivid spotlight to ripe stonefruit, with apricots, peaches and an intoxicating florality eager to steal the show.
We enjoyed our Moscato slightly chilled - not too much, with appetizers. We had shrimp cocktails and a nice fruit and cheese plate. For me, I loved sipping with my cheese. It really brought out the juicy flavors of peach and plum. It's sweet, yet balanced. Perfect for an everyday wine. The bottle is fun & cheerful, making a nice gift presentation - just add a ribbon with a bow around the neck!
Aromatic and Flavor Profile of Sweet Shiraz:
Syrah or Shiraz is a very dark wine grape–almost black in color–that produces bold and rich wine.  Syrah grapes have long been grown in the Rhone region of France–the first vines were likely planted around 600 BC.  Great Syrahs, along with Viogniers, have been cultivated in this region ever since; in fact, about half the Syrah grapes in the world are grown in France.  Syrah is also grown in many other parts of Europe, as well as Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Uruguay, and the United States.
It’s also widely grown in Australia, but there, as well as in Canada and New Zealand, it’s called Shiraz.  Since Syrah was the original name, on this blog, that’s how we usually refer to it.
Syrah is used sometimes alone, sometimes in blends.  It makes the famous wines of Côte Rotie and Hermitage, as well as playing the major role in most Rhône blends, including the famous Chateauneuf du Pape.
Syrah makes very dark, blackish-violet wine.  Syrah wine has a bold, rich flavor and a heavy, chewy texture.  It tastes more of spice than fruit, with clove, thyme, bay leaves, and black pepper commonly noted flavors.  From the terroir, or soil it’s grown in, it can attain flavors of earth or even truffles.  Syrah is often a great candidate for aging, and some years in the cellar will impart to it secondary and tertiary flavors of rich wood, tobacco, and smoke.
When pairing Syrah with food, you’ll need to serve something with strong flavors to match up to the intensity of the Syrah.  Grilled red meats like lamb work well, or try it with an intensely herbed and perhaps spicy sauce.  Syrah is perfection when its deep, rich flavors are allowed to play off of something rich but simple, like grilled sausage and mustard.  So as the weather starts turning colder this year, start thinking about Syrah.

Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz is packed with fresh, juicy flavors of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries with dark chocolate undertones. Striking a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, this refreshing and approachable wine is great to sip on its own and matches up equally well with meat dishes, cheeses, and desserts.
I generally prefer reds. My favorite is a table wine - Lambrusco. Jam Jar's Sweet Shiraz is now my second favorite! It tastes like opening a freshly made sangria. I found myself picking up fruits and dropping them into my glass and eating the fruit when my glass was empty and my fruit had soaked in it. Yum!
We drank the Shiraz with a traditional English Roast dinner. It was a entire family dinner, so I made a fruit tray and veggie tray for starters. I was so glad I put the fruit out - it was really nice in my glass. It also tasted good with the roast. Again, I served it slightly chilled - not much.
I recommend Jam Jar wines. Flavorful and affordable & cute packaging to boot! Makes great everyday wines, or for toasting a special occasion, or a sweet hostess gift! 

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Jennifer T. said...

I have a bottle of the Shiraz that I haven't opened yet. I'm glad you like it...makes me eager to try it. I bet I'll like it considering Lambruscos are one of my faves as well. Thanks for the review!

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