Indy Scream Park Review – So Much More Than a Haunted House, It’s a Total Event! #HolloweenInIndiana

It was a windy, spooky night. We headed out to Indy Scream Park. I had no idea what to expect. We attended as guests. I heard there were six attractions and that our "fast pass" would get us to the front of the line at each of those attractions, but my mind's eye couldn't imagine what it would look like or how it would be set up.

Parking was $5 - it was organized, well manned, and quick. We got a really great spot even though it was a huge parking area and very full. Stepping out of our car, in the distance we could see the park - it was buzzing with crowds of people and reminiscent of an old circus that had come town and set up in an open field. 

We checked in and staff was prepared and efficient. We were given our passes and ready to head into to the unknown.

But first let me take a selfie.

Inside, it was like entering a midway at a carnival! Bustling and bright - I had to stop and look around to get a feel for it all. There was a dj with a dance floor, there was fire pit in the middle, tables, a paintball-a-zombie booth, there were carnival games, food stands & even a bar where we stopped and had a beer. Everything was very efficient - there was someone to id and someone to  band you with an over 21 bracelet. All quick and easy. Very professional.

There were even zombies on the loose that were really trying to feed on us. We barely got away! We headed for the attractions!

In one direction you'll find Blackpool Prison, Brickmore Asylum, & Rage 3D.

We stopped at Blackpool Prison first. Here we had to agree to the glowing neck band terms. Neck band on - the ghouls are allowed to touch you, move you, scare the blank out of you. Take it off at any point and throw it on the ground and it's hands off. I decided to get a neck band and told myself to have fun and leave it on. You walk into a prison that has been taken over by a group of psychopathic prisoners. There's blood everywhere, officers tied up, the warden in an electric chair, and there no one sane there to help you. I was grabbed by a big prisoner. His wife beater all covered in blood and splattered on his face. He held a machete while he carried me into a cell. He slammed me into the walls and shoved me around. He wouldn't let me out of the cell. I was scared. I wanted out. I had totally forgotten I was wearing a neck band. I screamed as people walked by, he banged his machete on the wall beside me. Nobody stopped to help - they all kept walking by. I begged him to let me go. He laughed and tormented. I just wanted to get back to my group. Finally he agreed on one condition - I had to hop like a cute little bunny all the way back to the entrance - paws out in front of me and all. I did and he followed me all the way. I was finally free! Phew - that was nuts!

Outside, even the sky was participating in the night. The clouds looked like a wolf howling at the moon. We moved on to Rage 3D. Here we had glasses to wear. Whoa! This place is awesome! You walk into a circus/carnival sideshow. Full of illusions and things that pop out of nowhere. It's like looking into an illusion mirror - nothing is as it seems. There's one part in Rage 3D ( I'll leave that part a secret ) that leaves you not sure what happened at all. We discussed it on the way home - we're still not sure!

At Brickmore Asylum, you come to find out that the administration had lost it's mind and that the whole place was being run by the insane - the criminally insane! The things you see here, you can not unsee. It almost makes you feel sad, as they are so crazy they don't even know what they're doing. I just wanted to get out of there and warn everyone I saw not to go in. You don't ever want to get sent to the Brickmore - trust me!

Outside we had sideshow Bob. He was fun - like a comedy act that involved freakish self-mutilation. He lifted a bowling ball off the ground with chains hanging from his ears. At the end of the show, he allowed tips to be STAPLED!!! to his body. He took $1 tips on his tummy and $20 tips on his FOREHEAD!!! On to Zombieland Apocalypse and the Back Woods - the outdoor haunts.

First stop the Back Woods. Like the name suggests, you walk into someplace probably called Possum Hollar. Everyone's related and the tiny gene pool gets really scary. They've cleared out the wildlife population and they're hungry. Walking through, we looked like good eatin'. This was the most scary attraction for me. I love walks in the woods, but the open woods paired with the dark unknown left me in a panic state, never knowing what would happen. Lots of chainsaws & adults dressed like little girls asking you to stay and play dolls. We did sit and take a break on the path with fellow blogger friends. On to Zombieland...

This is where we saw just how fabulous the fast passes really are. The lines here went on forever. I felt bad walking by them all as they waited, but it showed me the value of the VIP passes. Walking through the huge metal doors, you enter at your own risk into a post apocalyptic world filled with over-turned school buses, and a maze of scrapped cars. The zombies smell you walk in and are ready to feed. Flames light up the night sky all around with loud industrial hissing that drowns out the screams ahead of you periodically. Zombies climb through windows of old cars to try and reach you - now's not the time to be slow! Lots of twists and turns leave you never sure what's around the next corner. We made it out alive and no one got bit and turned.

Our evening at Indy Scream Park was one I'd do again. It was so much more than a haunted house, or even six haunted houses, it was a total event! Well done, super visually stimulating, perfectly executed, on-point professionalism. I've never experienced anything like it. I also get the feeling that the people behind the scenes live and breathe this and are always thinking what next. I see ISP growing and staying fresh for years to come. It's Halloween in Indiana - Indy Scream Park. 


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