Shark Rocket Powerhead - Review

Today we're going to have a look at the Rocket Powerhead vacuum from Shark

First Impressions:

My first impression was that this model is more robust than a shark I had several years ago. I liked the design & it's blue. Honestly, I saw it as a light weight spot cleaner. We have kids and cats and a dog - I didn't think this thing could handle us. 

What Makes It Special:  

The Shark Rocket Powerhead is super lightweight but cleans like a champ. It certainly can handle what my family dishes out. Another thing that makes it special is the interchangeable brushrolls. The all-purpose brush moves from carpet to hard surfaces. When using on hardwood, there is a gentle brush that fits in a convenient case on the side of the unit. Simple switch out.


It was a simple set up straight out of the box. Remove a few bits of sealing strips, plug in and sweep. It went right to work and picked up quite a bit off carpets that looked clean. It's got strong suction - you can tell that not only by what's left in the dust bin, but by the lines it pulls in the carpet. It moves smooth and easily. It swivels smoothly to maneuver around furniture. It goes so low to the floor, if you can fit the head under it, you can sweep all the way back. It's got an easy release to empty the bin, and headlights which are nice in dim lighting. The two brushrolls are nice and also easy to switch. It's very light weight - great for traveling with or going up and down stairs. 

Love About It:

I love that it's high functioning and so light. It's more than a spot cleaner.


The only thing at all that I can say threw me about this machine, is that the release pedal for the dust bin is where you're normally used to putting your foot to release the body of the sweeper or power on/off. A couple times I released the dust bin out of sheer habit. Didn't make a mess because you have to lift the bin out, so it's not a biggie. Then closing the dust bin compartment takes knowing the feel for it. Once you know the feel it's easy, but the first couple times it made me feel like I must be doing something wrong. 


Overall it's a very good machine that does what it should. It's sturdy, and powerful, and lightweight. It's design is user friendly and convenient. It offers functionality to customize to your needs - that is always nice. 


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