Barkworthies Dog Treats & Chews - Simple, Natural Goodness for Your Pooch!

Today I'm bringing you a brand we are really enjoying. Barkworthies dog treats and chews.

First Impressions:

When I opened the package sent, the products were contained in a heavy zip bag. The packaging is very simple - just a label. Which I like - less fuss, less waste. 


What Makes Barkworthies Special: 

From a human point of view, Barkworthies is special because they are using real animal parts that humans don't consume. Parts that might otherwise go to waste, but that pets love and benefit from. 

Their products give me a feeling that my dog is engaging in a very natural activity. If he were a wild dog he would chew on an antler or pizzle. Modern diet and domestication has removed nearly all of what a dog would eat in it's natural state. I like being able to offer Buddy some of those things he's missing - for both variety's sake and for nutrition. 

Also, all their products are completely digestible and contain absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, or additives. Most of their products are single ingredient. Quality ingredients are important to me.  

Helps clean teeth, massage gums, and exercise jaws. Nutritionally antlers offer natural source of collagen, calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients. 

Our Experience:

This Elk Antler from Barkworthies has been the absolute best chew/treat Buddy has ever had.

Right away he took it and started chewing. He's had it since Christmas and has hardly made a dent. This is going to last him a looong time! 

It is very engaging. He spends lots of time working at it. He gets his paws involved to hold it. It's something he really enjoys doing. It has become an activity that reduces any kind of boredom. 

He even carries it around with him. Normally I find it in his bed, other times at the foot of our bed where he sleeps.

What I Love About It:

I love that it's natural material. It's unadulterated, as nature intended, in it's raw form. I love that the antlers are naturally harvested. Antlers are shed yearly and no animals were harmed in the collection. 

I love that their products are simple and straightforward.

I love how much this engages Buddy.

What Is It Lacking:

NOTHING! Truly. I fully recommend this product and wouldn't change a thing. 


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