Chemical Free Flea & Tick Control? With #AmberCrown Collars You Can!

Today I'm bringing to you a chemical free option in flea & tick control. Amber Crown Pet Supplies offers organic Baltic amber pet collars in a variety of sizes to fit your cat or dog. They also offer amber teething necklaces - but that is for another day :))

First Impression: 

The collar was shipped via Amazon and was super fast as always. The packaging is simple and cute. It arrives in a small brown box with simple logo. Tucked inside is the tissue paper wrapped collar. The stones are beautiful! 

What Makes Amber Crown Special:

The most special thing in the world is not having to use harmful chemicals on the ones we love. Amber Crown provides a safe, all natural alternative - that is pretty special. The collar is attractive when worn by our dog. The craftsmanship is nice - you can tell it's well made. They also offer a 100 day 100% money back guarantee.

Amber is natural tree resin fossilized in millions of years. It works: 

• By friction to pet's fur amber releases aromatic terpines that repels ticks and fleas.
• Static electricity generated when amber rubs against the pet's fur makes parasites uncomfortable and unable to cling to hairs.

Remember, only unpolished amber collars protect against fleas and ticks! Reorder amber collar when beads get polished to maintain the best bug repelling effect. Amber beads are separated by knots in groups to prevent scattering. Each stone is unique.

Our Experience: 

We live in the Midwest and we have a lot of ticks - especially in the Spring. We've always used Advantix for flea & tick control. It's becoming difficult to put something onto his skin that I know is toxic. I mean it's meant to kill fleas. While it won't kill Buddy, it's putting poisons onto his skin and being absorbed into his blood stream.

We still have a bit of snow on the ground here so I don't have any real experience with the flea & tick control potential this collar has. I like the way it looks on him so we're already winning. The reviews on Amazon are pretty positive. Spring is just around the corner, I'll report back on it's effectiveness!


I can't report a thing it's lacking. As I get to know it better I will update you :))


You can purchase natural, chemical free, attractive flea & tick collars here -

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