Discover the Dyson Difference - Powerful, User Friendly, Versatile

With two kiddos, a dog, and a cats, I'll have plenty of messes along the way, but everything will be clean.  My power tool for real clean is my new Dyson DC65 Animal Complete. 

When I say power, I mean it. I think my favorite feature on any vacuum is the hose. That is where you can witness up close the power the machine offers. The Dyson DC65 would suck up my cat if I would let it. The design of Dyson begs for "see for yourself " testing. 

Like when my first Dyson arrived years ago, I swept my entire house with my current sweeper which I thought was pretty good, before trying my new Dyson. What ended up in the bin, that my old sweeper left behind, was a huge shocker. I like to empty the bin and sweep what I think is clean. If it's not perfectly clean, Dyson will show you.

Out of the box, Dyson provides a user friendly, simple set up that only takes a few minutes. It's designed for user friendly maintenance as well. Filters are easy to reach, clean and put back in place. Trouble shooting  is going to be in 1 of 3 places and those are designed so that sliding on and off a clip allows you access to remove a clog, or clean a hose. 

Hardware specs

Bin capacity: 0.55 gallons Filter: Lifetime washable post filter Maximum reach: 51.7 ft Cord length: 35 ft Dimensions: 42.4 x 13.4 x 15.4 inches (H x W x D) Weight: 17.35 lbs

Package contents

Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum Self-adjusting cleaner head Tangle-free Turbine tool Soft dusting brush Combination crevice / stair tool Operating manual Quick start guide
If your unit ever needs serviced, as my first Dyson did, the support at Dyson is knowledgeable, efficient, and will take good care of you. Mine was still under warranty so it cost nothing out of pocket and the whole process was very accommodating to me.

My favorite feature of the DC65 besides it's power, is it's versatility. It moves effortlessly from carpet to wood floors, which is important to me. The cord is long enough that I can plug it in and sweep the entire level of my house without stopping to unplug - I know that will vary with square footage of your home, but it's a nice long cord. The hose allows me to park the unit at the bottom of the staircase and clean each stair up to the landing without ever having to move the unit. Add the attachment that you need and that long hose becomes perfect for reaching the ceiling fan to dust or really clean those unreachable places.

It's light enough to carry with little effort.

It offers  large dust bin capacity.

No buying replacement filters. Filter requires a cleaning every three months, which is just a matter of rinsing the filter and allowing to air dry for 24 hours.

It's sturdy - you know it's well made just buy holding the handle.
It cleans like no other. 

The Dyson DC65 Animal complete makes a perfect gift for anyone who has floors. 
I'm a huge fan of practical gifts, but receiving a vacuum as a gift would have before seemed a little too practical. However, receiving a Dyson as a gift would be welcomed and appreciated by anyone. Dyson is more than just a vacuum - just warn the cat before you bring one home!
I received this product mentioned above for free . Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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