Disney Cinderella Blu-Ray + DVD - Brings Magic to Life! #review

My first thought when I heard they were releasing an adaptation of the classic animation, I was smug - they can't do it better - they can't mess with my childhood this way!

I was wrong. This magical version makes the story of Cinderella come to life. I now know more of the story, and feel like I know the characters more closely. I was brought into Ella's shoes as she grew from a child with a warm, loving, natural family into a young woman who had lost both of her parents and gained a cold, self-centered stepmother & spoiled stepsisters, all the way to the glass slipper where young Ella becomes queen.

The visuals are stunning and magical. They took the animation we all grew up with and made it real life and rich! My daughter and I watched together and the first five minutes or so she was not paying attention and doing other things. Once they grabbed her attention, she couldn't look away! I stepped away to grab popcorn in the kitchen and she came running "Mom the slipper fit her!!!".

Cate Blanchett nails the role of the wicked step mother - you'll hate the nasty woman! Helena 
Bonham Carter steps in to make wishes come true as the fun and a bit clumsy fairy godmother. 
Paired with yourlove of the classic animation, you'll know and feel these characters 
like never before!        

I appreciate very much the simple, yet powerful message Cinderella delivers - be kind and courageous, be authentic. She walked forward through the hard parts in life, learning the lessons and never giving up on her dreams- a good message for us all to relate to.

It's great to own this title. There are bonus features you won't get in the theaters. And who could forget that included is the short, Frozen Fever! This was long awaited for my little one!

I highly recommend this title for your family. Pretty much everything Disney touches turns to gold. Cinderella is no exception!

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