DIY Bidet Wipes : Change your life with a more Hygienic bum!

Picture this: You have poo on your face. Don't worry about how it got there, it just is. So you grab a piece of toilet paper and wipe it off, right?


You run to the bathroom and if you aren't stripping down to get into the shower, you're at least sudsing up a washcloth with an anti-bacterial soap. Forget the nice age-defying wash, this has bleach popping into your mind. So why on earth do we use toilet paper when we use the bathroom and nothing more?

We wash our hands after wiping but don't wash the source. In thinking about it, I've concluded our hands should be the least of our concerns. In wiping in the standard way we always have, with toilet paper, we are hosting an all inclusive, catered event for the bacteria left behind.  As women we are taught to wipe from front to back. I recently decided that's not enough and started brainstorming. The result has changed my life and it will yours too!  DIY WIPES:

  • hard pack of diaper wipes
  • sea salt and or witch hazel
  • essential oil 
1.) To prepare your wipes, you're going to want to rinse out the solution that is in them now. Not natural and not aimed at disinfecting. I simply took the stack and ran cold water over them until no more bubbles came from them. Cold = rinse clean.

2.) Now to replace the solution with something gentle yet effective. Salt water was the first thing that came to mind. Ocean = healthy skin. Think salt water gargle for sore throat.  I also thought about witch hazel as it's an astringent and anti-oxidant. I decided to use both. Sea salt water as my base. To that you can add to it what you want - what makes sense to you. 

3.) I am an essential oils girl. I read up on which oils would be best for this job. I want an all purpose anti-microbial oil. There are many that fit the bill. I decided on myrrh and frankincense. Lavender would also make a good choice. Add 5 drops to the solution in the bowl.
  • Myrrh - anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-tumor, astringent & tonic, often recommend for anything vaginal 
  • Frankincense - anti-cancer, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-tumor, immune stimulant, great for anything skin related, aids in healing

4.)   Allow the solution to completely saturate the stack of wipes. Push down to expel and release to absorb. Pump in this way a couple times to make sure it works itself all the way through. Place the stack of wipes back into the box. Allow them to drip off the excess solution but don't wring - you want them pretty wet. Pull the first wipe through the top and you're ready to start crashing bacteria parties!

I keep these in my bathroom and use them instead of paper now. I feel actually clean after I wipe. 

I'm thinking this idea is a must for those with even minor incontinence problems or those prone to urinary tract infections. 

Now that you think about it, do you feel truly clean? 

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