Logona Natural Cosmetics - Earth Pigments Enhancing You

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Make-up with the power of plants & gems – for a beautiful

 & natural complexion

Whether foundation, powder or concealer – the high-quality LOGONA products for your complexion are characterized by their silky texture, natural anti-ageing ingredients and a blend of precious stones. Exquisite organic jojoba oil, organic shea butter and nature-based pigments enhance the innovative formula to provide optimal effects. For a delicately matte, contoured complexion with a ‘natural finish’ or ‘perfect finish’ – however you like it.

LOGONA quality guarantee

  • Meets strict criteria for controlled natural cosmetics (NaTrue)
  • Free from synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives
  • Free from paraffin oils or any other raw materials from petroleum chemistry
  • Made with plant oils and extracts from organic cultivation
  • Dermatologically tested
You will not believe the ingredient lists Logona boasts. Earth pigments derived from gemstones, fruits and plants. You hold the power of mother nature in your hand. Quite literally. 
I keep healing gemstones & crystals around me. You'll find them in window sills, on desks, bedside tables, in my purse, back pockets, & coat pockets. Now you'll find them on my lips, cheeks, & eyes! Logona cosmetics are truly special. They feel differently going on - smooth, effortless. They wear differently as well - subtly enhancing - not put on, but bringing out.

I've gotten to a place that I feel good about all the small steps I've taken towards a healthy lifestyle.  There was a place that I felt I had done so much but barely made a dent.  All those steps are now paying off. I'm to the point now that the next step just makes sense. My make ups weren't in as good shape as they should be - until now. I purged all my cosmetics once I researched & tried Logona. It's really good healthy stuff. I don't want to put junk into my body, so I was often going without makeup. Now I don't have to. It feels really good.  

   * I received product in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed are my own.  

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