Oil Cleansing ~ Get Good Skin Now, Naturally

Oil Cleansing?

I know it sounds like the opposite for good skin. We've been told that oil on the skin will clogs pores and cause pimples. Your skin naturally produces oil because it needs it. It is not a bad thing that we should fight.  Oil allows the largest organ in your body to function properly.  Your natural oil lubricates,  heals, protects, and moisturizes.

Most products we would consider good for our skin, actually strip the good, naturally occurring oils. Our skin then overcompensates for the oil lost, by producing more oil. We create a cycle this way and keep our skin troubles an ongoing battle. As well as creating imbalance, these products are putting all sorts of toxins onto our skin, which is our largest organ and highly permeable.

Oil is natural. No toxins.

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Why It Works

Oil dissolves oil.

Just think about gum stuck in hair. What do you use to take it out? Another oil - peanut butter, or straight oil. Or how you remove sticky tape residue from a surface - an oil based solvent or straight oil.  Same with your skin. The oil used to massage your skin will dissolve the oil that has hardened along with impurities inside your pores. The steam will open your pores, allowing the solidified oil to be removed.

It's as basic as that.

Which Oils to Use?

Every thing I've read tells you castor oil is essential. It's controversial due to toxic growing standards, so I don't use it. I like to stick to food grade oils that are safe to ingest.
I use a combination of  olive,  grape seed, hazelnut & pumpkin seed oils.

Olive - all-purpose, all types, great for aged skin
Coconut - reserve for very oily skin - good for oily skin in hot seasons
Hazelnut   - great replacement for castor oil - astringent - good for oily skin
Grape Seed - good for sensitive skin
Pumpkin Seed-  improves skin tone & is beneficial for many skin problems like acne, dry flaky skin, eczema and psoriasis
Jojoba - similar to skin's sebum - great for acne prone skin

I would say any natural oil would be good. If you have an oil around the house or you see one you'd like to try, simply research that oil & check out what it's health benefits are to get an idea, or research how that oil benefits skin.


Determine your skin's needs and base your mixing ratio on that.

For example, if you have acne prone skin that is very sensitive. You might use equal parts Jojoba, Grape Seed, & Pumpkin Seed. If you have aging skin and want to improve your tone, you might use two parts Olive Oil and one part Pumpkin Seed.

Keep in mind that generally it takes two weeks of using the oil cleansing method three times a week for your skin to balance. Once you unblock your pores, they will start functioning again and you might see a slight oil flow. This normal just keep at it. You'll know you're over cleansing if you become dry. In that case skip another day in between cleansing and use a bit of the oil you're using to dab on as a moisturizer - without rinsing off.

  • cover your face in your oil blend - you want your face lubricated enough that your fingers glide effortlessly over your entire face
  • with firm, circular strokes, massage the oil into your skin - starting in the middle of your face, working outward & down - this will remove makeup, dirt, & any residue - no need to wash prior to oil  paying extra attention to problem ares - you can even stretch your chin up and work on your under-chin & neck
  • start your hot water - you want it as hot as you can stand without burning - put your  wash cloth and hand towel into the hot water
  • once your feel that your skin is fully saturated in the oil, & you've done a good massage, wring out your wash cloth and hand towel - place the wash cloth over your face, followed by the hand towel to hold in the heat
  • let the towels sit on your face until they lose their heat
  • remove and use the wash cloth to wipe the oil from your face
  • rinse the wash cloth with hot water
  • repeat step one & two - oil up & massage
  • turn on water and get the towels hot again
  • repeat step four - hot towels on face
  • repeat step five - use wash cloth to wipe face
  • rinse & repeat all steps again

Recap :  oil up & massage, steam with hot towels until cool, rinse towels, repeat twice more
This cleansing method is also beneficial because of the massage. You're stimulating circulation, draining lymph, relaxing tightened muscles that lead to wrinkles.

Your skin will never look better or feel so soft and you did it all naturally!

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