Garden American Flag by GreenWe #promotion

When I was asked by GreenWeR if I'd like a garden flag, I was working in the yard - clearing away a winter's worth of old growth and anything that had blown up, getting things ready for new growth of spring.

In planning flower beds, I thought it might be nice to add a flag to the garden. We don't have a flag pole and I've thought about installing one but haven't yet. This is a nice touch.

I wish my pictures were nicer, but it's just not quite the season yet!

Get GreenWeR’s Complete Patriotic Garden Flag Stand Kit!

LARGE display stand: 32 inches tall, 15 inches wide, & made of sturdy, rust-free one-piece wrought iron that is powder-coated and will not break or bend.
STURDY design: Secures any flag with a rubber stopper, bottom flag clip, & double 5.25-inch spiked posts for support.
REMOVABLE flag: Depicting the red, white, and blue, the unfadeable 12-by-18 inch 150D polyester flag can be easily removed, washed, and replaced with any other same-sized flag.
WEATHERPROOF: The stand and flag will withstand strong winds, rains, bright sun, and inclement weather without rusting or tearing.
3 YEAR WARRANTY: If there are any issues, contact us & we will handle them promptly.

Is the Flag Stand Kit Hard to Use?
Anyone can slip the flag onto the horizontal post and adhere the rubber stopper to keep the flag from twisting or spinning around the stand.
Secure the bottom end of the flag to the long bracket with the clip to hold it in place.
After placing where you want it installed, step on the two “h” spikes to secure it to the ground.
Get in the patriotic spirit and fly a flag on your patio, garden, flower pot, or rock wall with the GreenWeR American Flag and Metal Stand Kit.
A great way to show your patriotism in your yard!

Kit includes:
1 Metal Stand – 32x15 inches
1 American Flag – 12x18 inches
1 Rubber Stopper
1 Anti-Wind Clip

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