Mamaway Postpartum Belly Band - Abdominal Support #MamawayUSA

In childbirth your abdominal and pelvic muscles get stretched, pushed and pulled in order to allow your baby to arrive.

Breastfeeding is key. Not only does breastfeeding provide your baby with the right kind of nourishment, breastfeeding triggers hormones that help to contract your uterus back to its original size, faster. It also burns calories and excess fat stored around your hips and abdomen.

Postpartum belly bands give you added support to your abdomen. It speeds up the process of healing which leads you to a flatter stomach, quicker. Additionally, these belts support your lower back which has undergone a lot stress during childbirth as well.

Belly bands is a new name for an old concept. Abdominal binding has been used since women have been having babies. It helps hold everything in after delivery and feel more comfortable which allows mama to be up and moving with ease. 

This would be particularly important after a c section. My first child was delivered c-section and I did not have one of these bands. It was a very insecure feeling. You feel the need to have protection and brace after such a procedure. You are scared to laugh or sneeze. This would have made all the difference. 

I suffer from lower back pain daily. I am going to use this band for support of my back while at home. Just putting it on provides relief as it supports my posture. 

  • 12% Polyester, 48% Nylon, 20% Bamboo Charcoal, 20% Rubber
  • BRING SEXY BACK: Getting back that tight butt and flat belly after giving birth can be difficult. That¡¦s why we made sure this unique belly band helps you bring sexy back with its revolutionary design and 2 extra compression belts so you can easily adjust to the level of pressure you¡¦re comfortable with. Its 3-step compression fastening technology heals and reshapes your hips, waist and tummy, keeping it secure and comfortably tight so you get to your desired shape quicker.
  • NANO-BAMBOO HEALING: Worried it will feel and smell like a saunas? Each fiber contains 20% nano-bamboo charcoal, which is known for its powerful anti-odor and antibacterial properties. This prevents bacteria and odor buildup when you¡¦re wearing it. This also makes the bamboo fibers breathable, soft and non-irritating, so you stay cool, dry and supported.
  • ACCELERATE YOUR RECOVERY: You want to see results fast, we get that. That¡¦s why our mommy designers carefully designed this belly band so you can wear it right after birth when the ¡§relaxin¡¨ hormone is still in your body. Its far-infrared technology boosts blood circulation. Supports your back and offers medical-grade compression to your wound area to speed up recovery of your uterus, pelvis, belly and back.
  • FLAUNT IT ALL DAY, EVERY DAY: Designed specifically to smooth out your silhouette so you can look slimmer in clothing. It¡¦s comfortably tight and incredibly stretchy that you can wear it all day, every day. Unlike other belly bands, it has a rigid yet flexible material that bends, twists and moves with your body. And it won¡¦t ride up ever.
  • WORRY-FREE MAINTENANCE: Its high quality and durable construction maintains its shape, wash after wash. You can toss it in the washing machine in a laundry bag for an easy clean without worrying about damaging it. Shrinkage during washing and drying is minimal. This postpartum recovery and support belly band is made to be resilient, wear after wear. Plus, it comes in different sizes that are easy to choose from, helping you save money by buying the product that is just right for you.

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