Simple Luxuries - Glass Teapot Tea Infuser with Warmer #willowandeverett

I do tea daily. At least once. Normally it's a nice homemade chai mid-day and a cup of matcha or herbal in the evening. 

To sit down to a cup of tea makes the world stop, A simple luxury I can give myself anytime I want it. It helps to clear away the day and restart.

A healthy luxury as well. The spices in my chai are all good for digestion and prepare me for the evening meal. The relaxing cup of matcha alkalizes my body after the day and aids my body repair while I sleep.

Years ago I bought myself a glass teapot for blooming teas. They are gorgeous and the teapot displays the bloom and the wonderful colors of the tea. Drinking art. I have been looking ever since for a glass teapot that would allow me to brew my loose teas and enjoy the same view.

I found what I have been looking for at Willow & Everett. They offer high end kitchen products, like my wonderful new teapot.

The pot is microwavable. I no longer own a microwave so I use my electric kettle and pour the water over the tea in the infuser. The infuser is fine grade and leaves no sediment in your cup.

It comes with a cozy or warmer to hold in the heat for pouring multiple cups. 

Having nice tools to accommodate the things you enjoy in life is important. I love and need my tea time and having a nice teapot provides form and function to my daily ritual. A simple luxury :))

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