Cariloha - Luxury Organic Bamboo Sheets - So Sustainable, So Soft! #organicbedding

Just like I think everyone should have some really nice pieces in their closet, I think everyone should have really nice bedding. Life can be hard, when it's time to recharge and sleep it should be good - like floating on a cloud good.

My really nice bedding consists of linen and bamboo and down. I love natural materials and all natural is a must in my bed. Mix a bamboo bed set, a down comforter, and bamboo duvet cover and you got that cloud and sleep is heaven. 

I've tried a few brands of bamboo bedding. One really cheap set that I question was even bamboo that didn't hold up well, a mid price set that was better but once you try Cariloha anything, you'll know you found high quality. It's like staying at a really nice hotel or resort and getting used to the comfy quality of the bedding and returning home not so impressed with your own bed. With these sheets, you're excited to jump in bed every night! 

Even the packaging feels luxury. The sheets arrive in a nice box.

My absolute happy moment is freshly shaven legs, my Cariloha sheets, and in bed before my partner joins me. I rub my legs in the sheets like I'm pedaling a bike! They are SOOO soft!

Even more than being really great for you, they are super environmentally friendly. Bamboo is fast growing making it a highly sustainable, super renewable resource. Cariloha takes care to keep their process very environmentally friendly as well. Organic bedding you can trust with your health and the health of the environment. 

It's the little luxuries in the everyday that make life so good. Seriously, do this for yourself, even if it's a splurge - you'll be so glad you did!


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