DIY { Father's Day } Photoshoot Guide

This Father's Day, I wanted to let him know how special he is to us. We bought gifts & planned his favorite meal. But I wanted to create something personal from my hands, passing through our hearts, so that he could feel a bit of us all in it.

DIY projects save money and allow you the ability to connect with your children. Their imput can add such authentic sparkle. Like the balloons - they weren't planned. They were added by a buggy child wanting balloons at the store.

I found all sorts of inspiration and tips that made our photoshoot easy breezy and the results were fabulous! Their dad loves the pictures we captured and the memories they made will last a lifetime.  
 I've made a little guide to help you in your DIY photoshoot!

  • Planning - the first step! Do your research. Have a good idea of the result you want. Give your self time to really brainstorm and gather all you need. Think of coordinating outfits, outfit changes, the setting, the feel you want, props, etc. Make sure everything is ready to go a couple days before the planned shoot. Also, give yourself enough time to re-schedule if needed for rain or some other unforeseen change in plans.
  • Setting - shoot outdoors! Unless you're in an absolutely gorgeous indoor setting. Find places of interest. Think of a theme. For the above shoot, I wanted an urban, slightly industrial feel but considered an old barn look. Be creative - look for textures and colors and mood.
  • Props -  props are important - bring lots. They add interest and give a feel to the scene. Think functional. For the above shoot, my daughter was asking for me to buy balloons at the store, so we added them for a cute pop of color that they enjoyed. Lollipops, ice cream cones. Think of fun, seasonal items that will convey a message and the subject will enjoy.
  • Timing - bright sun and cameras don't mix well. You do want natural light though. The hours between 4 & 6 are known as the "golden hours" and provide a glowing, soft light. Cloudy days are also great for shooting. We did ours on a sunny day, but made it into the golden hours and were shaded by tall buildings. 
  • Help - you may want to enlist the help of friends and family. Having a couple hands gives you the physical help you may need in moving props, but also provides opinions on styling and turns into a fun time - a memory made!
  • Camera - you don't have to have a professional camera. I shot with a Nikon  D3100 but I have seen some really nice photos done with a standard digital camera. The styling of your photo and editing will make a huge impact on the result. Don't fret just because you don't have a DSLR. They will of course turn out nicer if you do, but don't worry about that part so much.
  • Editing -be prepared to edit your photos. That can made the world of difference. Editing can take a blah snapshot and make it look professional. I edit my photos in Photoshop lightroom, but I also like Picasa, Pixir, and PicMonkey. Search for terms like "photo filters in Picasa" or "how to make Instagram filters in Pixir" depending on what editing platform you will be using.
  • Have Fun - most importantly - don't stress. Don't get too contolling. The best shots are the best because of the smile, or the silly face, or the look in the eyes. The best shots are captured moments. Like the above picture of brother and sister kissing - it was a fleeting moment that I had my camera ready for. When I snapped it, I was wishing his elbow wasn't positioned that way, but then I realized it was perfect because I captured that moment just as it was. Be easy breezy and ready at all times! Move around, talk, have fun and your photos will show that!


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