SafeBest Bicycle U-Lock Review #SafeBestBikeLock

Julien had his bike stolen a couple weeks ago. Actually my bike was taken first, right off our front porch. Mine was a word combo lock and I think I didn't twist to mix up my word very much. My lock was still in tact. Julien's was a number combo lock and they cut through his.

We filed with the police. Julien's bike has since been recovered. He stored it in the basement until we felt safe locking it up outside again. 

We did research and read lots of reviews. We decided on a U-lock. They only come in under a super heavy link chain and padlock. From what I read, a angle grinder or similar tool would have to be used to cut through this lock. 

Just feeling this lock you know it's serious business. We feel safe locking up his bike outside once again instead of lugging it up and down stairs everyday! 

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