Azestfor Nutritional Supplement for Dogs - Allows Homemade Dog Food to Meet Optimal Nutrition Standards

Often times commercial dog foods are poor quality. I feel the same about how I feed my pets that I do my family. I like to make it myself so that I know what is in it. The problem with making my own pet food is making sure they get everything they need. Things required for proper health.

I recently tried a new product that takes the guesswork out of making sure my dogs get what they need. 

Azestfor is a blend of 21 vitamins and minerals, chia seeds for omegas 3&6, and kelp - scientifically formulated for balanced nutrition.

Azestfor comes in powder form. There are a few recipes included on the bag. There are also a ton of recipes on the site. Each recipe formulated by a pet nutritionist.

It's as easy as - choose a protein, add a carbohydrate, finish with Azestfor. Recipes for lamb, chicken, beef, turkey, venison. Even meatless options of egg, cottage cheese, or tofu. 

I chose the venison recipe for our pooches. They love venison and I love the idea of giving them organic, lean, meat that ate locally grown, organic plant life as it was made to. 

It included kale and potato as well. 

My dogs absolutely loved every bite. It felt good adding Azestor, knowing how nourishing each bite was for them. 

It's an easy addition that makes a huge difference. 

Even my silly cat snuck in for a bite!

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