#Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier - Easy, Adjustable Baby Wearing!

As long as there have been babies, there have been mamas who need to carry on with life while carrying baby. In every culture and in every time they have found a way out of necessity. 

The point of any carrier is to keep baby or child close, where they need to be, while having the ability to move freely.

There are many styles to choose from. Typically carriers are going to fall into five types - Wraps, Ring Slings, Pouch Slings, Mei Tais, or Buckle/Soft Structured carriers.

A ring sling is a modern version of traditional one shoulder carriers found in Mexico, Indonesia, and other cultures. 

A pair of metal or nylon rings are securely attached to the end of a roughly two-meter-long piece of fabric.The tail end of the sling is threaded through the rings to adjust to the wearer's body. The weight of the child in the carrier secures the rings against slipping. 

Ring slings are available in a variety of fabrics from basic cotton to silk. 

The long tail of the sling can be used for many things including a sun shade, nursing cover, light blanket, or hand hold for older children when your hands are full. 

Ring slings are an excellent choice for newborns and for toddlers who want quick up and down carries.

The sling you see pictured is from Mamaway. It is gorgeous! Made of 100% pima cotton, you can tell it's high quality just from looking. The fabric is sturdy and strong but natural and breathable making it a good choice for all seasons and climates. 

Like all sling carriers, it's a simple design - a length of fabric and double ring. Easy to use. Once you wear a few times, you become a pro and can feel and adjust to what's right for you and your baby. The fabric has a little slip to it making it easy to adjust through the rings. 

Not only is this carrier perfect for hands-free closeness, but also for private and secure breastfeeding. Again, once you nurse in it a few times, you'll become a pro.

The Mamaway baby sling carrier makes a perfect baby shower gift or anytime gift for any mama. It's a huge life helper!

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