My New Favorite Garden Tool! Hori Hori Garden Knife From Lausihay #horihoriknife #gardening

I had never heard of a hori-hori knife before. But so many times I wished for one. 

I'd be planting seeds and the instructions would say "sow the seeds 1" deep". One inch I can figure out, but bulbs and root vegetables need different measurements and I always wished I had something marked. I actually had just made my own measurement stick for planting.

This knife does so much more than measure.

For daily use, this knife replaces all other tools. That's not to say throw out your spade and hoe, but the hori-hori can get pretty much everything done in the convenience of carrying in one hand or on your belt. 

The blade is made of a strong steel and is marked up to 6 inches. One side is serrated, perfect for cutting away brush, tough roots, or hard soil. The blade is concave which makes it a useful shovel. 

I weeded my whole back yard with it today. I planted a row of onion starts with it and removed the weeds that grown in between the bricks in my garden walk. 

It really is so useful and convenient. I keep all other tools in the basement. I used to keep them out. All I keep close at hand now is my hori-hori garden knife from Lausihay.

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