Bamboo Bath Sheet From Cariloha - Bring Simple Luxury To Your Life #bamboobathsheets

When my bath sheets arrived, I couldn't believe the size. My first thought was "this could be a throw blanket!". I own other bath sheets ( mommy & daddy's towels ) but these bath sheets from Cariloha are nice and big like no others we have owned. 

The second thing I noticed was the feel. The softest towel you will ever feel. So soft I almost doubted their absorbancy. But, after washing, they fluffed up real nice and were highly absorbent while not losing any softness.

They are heavy, like well-made things are - they just feel good in your hands. They wash well and fit nicely with the rest of our towels - I just put them on the bottom of the stack.

Having towels from Cariloha is one way to bring luxury into your everyday. Just like their bedding, it's wonderful quality that is relaxing to the senses.

Life can be stressful. I am all for treating ourselves to things where we can, that comfort and soothe. Bath sheets from Cariloha are simply the best - treat yourself or someone you love!

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