EcoFarms Wildflower Seeds Kit - Cute Little Gifts of Wildflower Seeds!

I love flowers! If I could I would surround myself always. I love everything that grows, but flowers are beautiful and practical and make people happy. 

I have a butterfly/bee garden which provides beauty and a place for bees and butterflies to find food. Every year I add more to it and it is working. We have started watching and the kids and I are identifying what visitors we get. 

Planting is a wonderful experience for children. It teaches responsibility, patience, how to be gentle, skills of observation, some science, sense of accomplishment, and most of all, a life skill that can be used always.

And this kit from EcoFarms, just like flowers is beautiful, and practical, and make people happy!

Each one of these cute little cylindrical boxes is filled with a different variety of wildflower seeds.

Perfect little tokens of thanks or to slip in a good bag. What better little gift than spreading wildflowers!

We recently gifted a couple to the librarians at our public library that run the community gardens project. We stuck one inside a pair of garden gloves and added a fun treat  - it made a nice gift and we still have plenty for ourselves and as other gifts. 

EcoFarms also offers a vegetable seed kit which makes a perfect Springtime gift for those starting a garden! 

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