Quick, Simple & Effective Relief and Treatment For An Itchy Rash - Even For Pets!

Milk of magnesia is magnesium hydroxide which has been added to purified water to form an oral suspension. It is marketed as an antacid and laxative. But did you know that you can use it for a host of skin troubles?

From heat rash to sunburn, eczema, and acne, diaper rash, and random dermatitis. Yes! And it works well!

I have a stubborn rash on my elbow. It's itchy and when I do scratch it becomes inflamed and red. Heat and hot seasons make it worse. I have been prescribed steroidal creams and they work. You know what works even better? Yep, Milk of magnesia!

Just dab it on and the itch is gone instantly. My rash seems to actually be healing as well.

You can also use on pets. Cats and dogs. My pooch had a rash on his rump. The vet gave us a medicated shampoo. It helped a bit but he was still itchy. I tried MOM and it worked! No more itchy Buddy.

I was excited to share with you all. It's an available and healthy way to treat skin troubles. 

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