Brush Your Dog's Teeth At Home With #NextLevelPet

And I didn't know this, but you should brush your dog's teeth daily. Buddy doesn't love our new ritual, but he lets me and it's not a problem.

The toothbrush you choose makes a big difference in the experience you'll have. I recently tried the brush from Next Level Pet. It's designed to get to all those hard to reach places. It includes a small  and large head and a finger brush and finger gum massager. It made brushing a little easier for me and Buddy.

Make sure to check out the variety of pet toothpaste recipes offered at Next Level Pet.

The base is just baking soda and a healthy oil to make a paste. Some people add bullion to impart a meat flavor, some add cinnamon powder. I skip the bullion because to me it sounds like too much sodium. The essential oil I use has cinnamon oil in it.

Why Baking Soda?
It's  a mild abrasive - great for removing plaque.  It's a natural deodorizer.  It will naturally alkalize the mouth and saliva which acts as a preventative for gum disease and cavities. It's safe for your pooch!

Why Coconut Oil - or Other Healthy Oil?
You need an oil to bind the paste together. I chose coconut oil mainly because for it's health properties - it's a natural antibacterial, thus reducing the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth and reducing bad breath. I also like that it solidifies when not in use. I also added a little pumpkin seed oil to give it a nice nutty flavor my dog seems to like better than when I don't use it. Any healthy oil will do - olive, grapeseed, flax, walnut, sesame... Oils are good for their digestion & their coat.

Cinnamon is completely nontoxic to dogs. You don't want to give it to them heavily, but in small doses, it's very beneficial.  There are studies that show improved brain function with cinnamon. After brushing their teeth might be a good time to try training or teaching your dog a new trick! Just half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day helps to regulate blood sugar. Cinnamon is antifungal; combating yeast overgrowth. Cinnamon is also antibacterial -again reducing the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth and reducing bad breath. Ananti-inflammatory, cinnamon is great for senior dogs struggling with arthritis.

That's about it! Mix a couple Tablespoons of the baking soda and just enough oil to make a paste then add your extras in. With the doTERRA On Guard oil, I only add two drops to the mix. If you use an essential oil, make sure it's therapeutic grade.
I use a little finger brush I got at the pet store. But you could even use a rag over your finger. 

Do you brush your pets teeth? 

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