Itchy Winter Skin? Lipiderm Promotes Healthy Skin & Coat For Your Dog

My Buddy tends to have itchy skin. Like all of us, when the heat comes on in the winter months, the air becomes drier and it's good to take a little extra care when it comes to nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Lipiderm by International Veterinary Sciences contains a natural source of Omega-3 & 6 Fatty Acids plus vitamins A and E to support healthy skin and coat in dogs. 

I've only been using this product for about a week. I haven't noticed any results yet, but I feel good about the ingredients and know it's beneficial for my dog. I have been reading reviews at Amazon and everyone seems pretty happy with the results, some even amazed at how much Lipiderm has reduced itching and shedding.

The capsules are large. My first thought was to open and squirt the contents into his mouth. I did that and tasted a bit that got onto my finger - it's very bitter and Buddy did not like the taste. He kept returning to his water bowl like he couldn't get the taste out of his mouth. From then, I just opened his mouth and pushed the capsule to the back of his throat and rubbed his neck to aid in his swallowing. No problem.


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