Introducing Kids To Weaving

Weaving is an amazing thing. You make something beautiful and unique with your own hands. it takes time, some planning, the outcome is something you've earned. A sustainable, traditional craft.

I recently bought a woven wall hanging for the house and Capri was smitten. She spent lots of time running her little fingers along the different textures. I could see the wheels turning in her head. She was trying to figure out how it was done. Then she asked, "mommy, how did they get the little puff balls in there?" and "how did they make this shaggy?". We sat down and looked at it together. I had to look it up to remember as I explained about the warp and the weft. It turned into a quite lengthy discussion about weaving. We went all the way back to times BC when weaving cloth was an invention of necessity. We brought it back to current times where our textiles are made on machines.

She asked rather timidly, "Could we make that?". That's when I started looking for an entry level loom. 

We chose the Melissa & Doug Multi-Craft Weaving Loom

She wasted no time and got straight to work. We started with four (adult) arm's length of yarn and that was a good amount for her to have control of and about the time she wanted to take a break.  

My little girl likes to do, and work with her hands. She is orderly and likes to be organized. Weaving makes sense to her. She relaxed right into it.

Weaving can help strengthen these areas as well. I'm so thrilled she's enjoying this. 

Hand eye coordination
• Offers relaxing and tactile work experience
• Reinforces good habits such as following directions and patience
• Helps to find tune and develop fine motor skills
• Promotes right and left coordination
• Increases attention span and focus

There are lots of home looms to choose from and tons of tutorials out there. Capri has decided to make a purse and I'll sew a lining in for her. I'll come back and share the finished product!

I hope you'll consider introducing your kids to weaving - they'll love it :)))

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