Mom Must Really Love Us - She Buys TrustyPup! #petbed #trustypup


I'm a bed person. Comfy sleep is important to me. If you are an overnight guest here, you will be sure to have plenty of pillows and comfy blankets - I might even tuck you in!

Same goes for my dogs. Having a comfortable, designated place for them to rest is important to me and them.

I recently tossed out their pet bed - it had seen better days. In the days without it, I found I was telling them to get down from the couch a lot. I pulled out an old blanket for them but they would still prefer the couch. They missed their bed. Today my order arrived from TrustyPup. I took it from the box, laid it on the floor where their old bed always was and they knew right where to go. 

dog bed

We ordered the Memory Dreamer deluxe memory foam pet bed. It has a thick memory foam cushion that makes the bottom of the bed. This provides relief for painful joints and achy muscles. The base is surrounded with a high loft filled bolster pillow so they feel nested and secure. My favorite part? The liner is removable and machine washable! Their last bed was not. When it got dirty and smelly, I had to throw it away :(( 


TrustyPup really is the best pet bed I've ever provided for my dogs. You can tell the quality just by looking and the comfort by your pupper's sleepy faces! 

You can find TrustyPup at Amazon, Walmart, Target and other fine retailers near you.


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