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This is my good friend Buddy.

He has the best personality. He's very laid back, affectionate, appreciative, and silly. He's been a member of our family for almost three years now when he wandered into the yard on a cold rainy day. We ended up bringing him inside while we tried to locate his owners. We were never able to find his owner, but we did find a wonderful addition to our family. 

Like for everyone in our family, I want the best for him. When it comes to health that means good foods, lots of fresh air and sunshine, exercise, and health care. Buddy sees his vet for routine care and we're fortunate that we've never had any emergencies or major health issues with him. He had an ear infection that took two visits to treat properly and an itchy spot that required an injection. That's about it.

I've considered what would happen if there ever was an emergency or major treatment needed. The rest of us have health coverage which provides huge peace of mind. It only makes sense that our pets should be covered too.

In educating myself on what's available, I learned that Healthy Paws Pet Insurance® is the #1 customer-rated pet insurance, and is there when you and your pet need them the most. I still wanted to know more - how it works, what it covers, and when I would need it. 

How It Works - 

Submit a claim - Healthy Paws is the first pet insurance company to do away with the claim form! For the fastest, easiest way to submit a claim, upload your veterinary invoice online or use their new Healthy Paws Mobile App. 

Confirmation email - within 48 hours you will receive an email confirming that your claim is being processed.

Reimbursement - their goal is to approve repeat claims within 72 hours. First-time claims may take longer - 7 to 10 days.

What it covers- 

They cover the treatment of any new illness, injury or accident after your enrollment and waiting periods. The plan also covers hereditary and congenital conditions. With unlimited lifetime benefits and no annual or per incident limits, they're ready to cover most anything unexpected that happens to your pet.
Plans are customizable, with a choice of reimbursement level and deductible so you can create a plan that's right for your budget and needs. Get your no-obligation pet insurance quote here.
If it's an accident or illness (and not a pre-existing condition), our plan covers the treatment. It's that simple. Use any licensed veterinarian, including emergency animal hospitals and specialists. This includes:
  • Diagnostic testing such as x-rays and blood tests
  • Hospitalization, including any treatments while in the hospital
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription medications

When would I need it? -

Unexpected illness or injury could happen at any time. Don't wait until it happens to wish you had been covered. Anytime you are an animal owner, whether it's cat or dog, carrying insurance on them allows for your own peace of mind. 

So, Visit Healthy Paws Pet Insurance®  to receive your free quote today
    • With every free quote, Healthy Paws contributes money to the medical care of homeless pets
    • Through the Refer-A-Friend program, participants earn $35 for every friend who enrolls with Healthy Paws. Visit the FAQ for more information

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance would like to offer one winner a light-up leash to encourage plenty of healthy exercise even when it's dark!

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“The Healthy Paws® information, product, and gift card, have been provided by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance®. All opinions are my own.”

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