Tweet Thing Cat Toy Wobble Sound Toy by Petlinks Review

In the process of reviewing a product, you use the product and get to know it so you share with others your experience with the hopes of helping them decide whether to purchase or not.

Normally I am able to get to know a product and it still be photo ready. Not the case today. This is an honest review of this wonderful cat toy I was sent by PetLinks.

The above photo is how it came to me. Lots of feathers, touch activated sound that mimics a real bird and it wobbles back and forth on a weighted ball base to really catch the attention of your cat. 

THEY LOVE IT.  I think it accurately portrays a bird and their wild instincts kick in and they feel they've caught prey. I loved that for them, that they felt instinctual and rewarded.

It is the "Velveteen Rabbit" of their toys - loved until it's feathers come off.  

Seriously the best cat toy we've ever had. This is one I will reorder - probably more often than I think. 


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