Evanger's Meat-Based, Hypoallergenic Dinners For Your Pets

 Do you see the intensity in the eyes? He knows what's in the dish and he doesn't have time for pictures. Evanger's is the absolute favorite of my pets. It's real meat. No fillers. No unidentifiable stuff. Just meat as if I slow cooked pieces just for them.

Do you see this? This is a can of Drumettes - Whole chicken drumettes with fresh carrots and peas make up this novel dinner. Processed so bones soften and are edible! I am always amazed, no matter how many cans I have opened, at the pure goodness of the food.

Evanger's has a wide selection to chose from for cat and dog. It just doesn't get any better!

EVANGER'S Dog and Cat Food Company (and Ferrets, too)
Facebook: https:://www.facebook.com/ Evangers

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