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90% of your body is made up of microbial organisms. Keeping them balanced is key to maintaining healthy a healthy gut. Your gut is not only where digestion happens but is the center of absorption. This absorption effects every other system in your body. Keeping a healthy gut greatly affects your overall health.

Our standard American diet and lifestyle affect that microbial balance. 

  • Sweets - processed sugars feed harmful bacteria. Too much sugar feeds the bad guys into over population - imbalance.
  • Antibiotics - they kill the good and bad. If you don't repopulate the good after antibiotics, you stay imbalanced.
  • Chlorinated water - great for public sanitation, not so good for your gut. Chlorinated water kills the good and bad again creating an imbalance.
  • Alcohol consumption - changes your intestinal flora creating an unfriendly environment for the good bacteria to grow.
  • Not enough dietary fiber - fiber serves as a good food for helpful microbes. Prebiotics.
  • Antibacterial products - they destroy healthily microbes and reduce our exposure to develop immunity.
  • Stress - creates subtle changes in our microbial makeup.

Fermented foods like live cultured yogurt, sauerkraut, cultured pickles, miso, kefir, kombucha are a great addition to your diet but are often not enough. Taking a quality probiotic supplement daily takes out the guesswork.

Women also need probiotics to ensure a healthy vaginal flora. When there is an imbalance in our microbial environment, our flora can be taken over with a fungal, or yeast overgrowth. 

NOW® Women's Probiotic has been specially formulated using three clinically tested probiotic strains to support women's health through every stage of life.* This product features L. rhamnosus HN001 and L. acidophilus La-14 which have been shown to colonize the vaginal tract and help to maintain healthy vaginal pH when taken orally.* Both the B. lactis HN019 and HN001 strains may help to support healthy immune system function in pregnant and nursing women.* HN019 also supports GI regularity and reduces occasional gas and bloating.* These specialized strains also support healthy, balanced immune system function in women of all ages.*

Check out NOW’s probiotic chooser tool to help you pick the probiotic or gut health product that best fits your wellness needs: 

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