Sun Basket - Healthy Organic Meal Delivery Review

My Sun Basket couldn't have arrived at a better time. We were painting the living room and so we had our dining room converted into a makeshift living room and let's just say nothing was normal, including dinner time plans.

What Is Sun Basket?

Sun Basket is a meal delivery service that is certified organic produce, responsibly sourced meats and seafoods, free from antibiotics and added hormones, developed by chefs and nutritionists to be as delicious as they are nutritious. All delivered right to your door in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.

What Comes In a Sun Basket?

Every ingredient needed to prepare your meal is neatly tucked inside a paper bag labeled with each meal. 

You only need olive oil and salt and pepper from your own kitchen. 

My experience

Like I said, we were busy and hectic and the Sun Basket arrived like a blessing.

I was sent two meals. Everything was as fresh as if I had just picked them up from the store. Included was a recipe book and simple to follow instructions. Each meal took about 30 minutes to prepare. 

The first dish was "roasted chicken breasts with salsa verde, arugula salad, and sweet potato fries. It was fresh, flavorful and there was plenty of food for my family of four. It was simple to make and the salsa verde is a keeper - I will add the recipe to one that I use in my own cooking.

The second dish was "smoky mozzarella polenta with a spring vegetable ragu and walnut pesto". This dish was rich and warming and hearty. PERFECT for fall and winter months. This is a keeper as well. The polenta was creamy and smoky and the ragu was so flavorful. I compare it to ratatouille with a Mediterranean character.  

These are the types of dishes I cook for my family. I use fresh ingredients, organic whenever available and I care deeply about making flavorful, enjoyable meals that are nourishing. Sun Basket made it unbelievably easy to feed my family in the way it's important for me to. 

Sun Basket was a fun experience and it made life a lot easier for me for a couple days when I needed it the most. This is a service I will use on occasions I need life to be easier. I imagine it would be helpful during times where one parent is in the hospital or even during recovery, before big travel, sending to a new mommy, during the busy time of hosting a big event, or even for those who normally eat out but are wanting to start eating at home. It's a really great service that takes the guesswork out of eating healthy.

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“I received this
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