BRÖÖ Craft Beer For Your Hair & Bod - GIVEAWAY!!

Have you ever rinsed your hair in beer? For the shine and volume it brings? I have. It works wonders but I once had someone ask if I had been drinking beer afterwards. 

The main ingredient in BRÖÖ products is hoppy craft beer briming with  B vitamins, proteins, and minerals to make hair shiny, healthy and strong. And you won't smell like beer. With scents like Hop Flower, Malted Mint, and Citrus Creme you're hair will smell fresh and will still benefit from the brew!

BRÖÖ products are full of what is good for your hair without all the harmful junk. They are cruelty free and color safe too!

I am loving the effects. Tons of shine and it brings out my natural wave. I'm currently using the thickening formula.

See that shine! 

Find BRÖÖ near you! 



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