Now There's More To Love From Schmidt's Naturals! Natural Bar Soaps!

For years I have used natural, plant based deodorants. I didn't want any aluminium or chemicals. There was a brand I was using but only one of the formula worked for me. When the brand stopped carrying that formula I had to find a new natural deodorant. It was hit and miss. Mostly miss.

Then I found Schmidt's. When I first found it on the shelves there was only fragrance free and Bergamot + Lime. I went with the latter. It performed wonderfully and smelled amazing on. Since then I have tried the other scents and all work well for me.

When I learned that Schmidt's released a line of bar soaps, I had to get them into my bathroom - my deodorant was lonely. It feels much better now, thanks.

I was sent Cedarwood + Juniper, Lavender + Sage, Bergamot + Lime, and Rose + Vanilla. The scent when I opened the box reminded me of opening my essential oils box - the mix of all the natural scents is wonderful!

Schmidt's natural soaps are real saponified soaps - when a fat, in this case shea butter, is combined with an alkali to create soap. The original, traditional way to make soap. They are not detergent based. They are free of SLS, PEG, phthalates, artificial fragrance, and artificial dyes. Which means you are exposing your body to things you would find in nature that your body is prepared to process and not things made in a lab that are foreign to your body. 

Each blend contains beneficial ingredients like activated charcoal, turmeric, volcanic sand to exfoliate, jojoba, and beta carotene. Getting clean and creating healthy skin at the same time!

I'm currently using the Bergamot + Lime as a morning soap because the scent is invigorating. Lavender + Sage as a night time soap for it's calming effects. 

You can find your favor scent, blend, and routine too! Find Schmidt's products near you. 

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Jackie said...

These soaps sound nice! I'd like to try the Bergamot + Lime scent.

jamaise said...

Jackie, they are nice. It feels good using simple, natural ingredients on my skin - like they did in the old days. Bergamot + Lime is my favorite deodorant for sure. You catch the sent every once in awhile and it's really nice.

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